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Virtual Physiotherapy

If for some reason you are unable to leave your home to make it to our clinic or if you simply prefer to have an intervention delivered to you from the comfort of your own environment, then Virtual Physiotherapy is the option of you.


Mobilize Physio+ offers the experience and convenience of telerehabilitation video consultation. 


Using secure and private telehealth technology done with a computer, tablet or smart-phone, our Registered Physiotherapist are able conduct comprehensive assessments including history taking, functional movement examinations as well as range of motion measurements and strength evaluation. Based on their assessments, our physiotherapists are able to accurately diagnose your condition and provide appropriate treatment protocols including patient education, exercise prescription as well as self-directed joint mobilization and soft tissue treatment techniques.


Virtual Physiotherapy at Mobilize Physio+ allows you to take positive steps towards your recovery without any barriers.

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